CD Flamenco among friends


“Flamenco entre amigos” was my first album. I recorded it between Germany and Spain, with hardly any means, but with great enthusiasm and an imagination to which I could not set limits. I was extremely lucky to have spectacular collaborations from great musicians and great flamenco artists who selflessly participated in the album because they were good friends, hence its title.

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Life gave me unique moments of complicity with all those incredible musicians, so I treasure unforgettable memories of that recording. I hope you get that energy if you listen or play these songs.

1. Alcudia
2. Of the Four
3. Spring
4. Yayo Curro
5. My Girl From Cali
6. Bitter Well
7. Aguapanela
8. Details
9. Small Memories
10. Agui

– José Luis Montón: Guitar – Eva Durán: Cante – Jose Antonio Galicia, Lorenzo Virseda and Joaquin Grilo: Percussion- Diego Jaskalevich: Charango Guitar: Andrés Olaegui, Toto Blanque and Fernando Vellber – Juan Diego Mateos, Lorenzo Virseda and Joaquin Grilo: clapping .